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Team imgix

We’re passionate about building the future of image processing and delivery on the Internet.

Our Mission

The internet isn’t just for desktop computers anymore. The explosion of tablets, mobile phones, televisions, smart watches, cars, VR, and every other electronic medium imaginable means that predicting the context in which your content will be viewed is effectively impossible.

For images, this presents a major problem, because they require optimization specific to the context to display quickly and with high quality—both of which are key metrics for engagement and conversion.

imgix solves the context problem by making all of your images responsive and enabling on-the-fly manipulation, while improving delivery speed.

Delivering the optimal version of an image for a given context has a dramatic impact on how fast your website or application loads and therefore how your users perceive you. imgix gives you the power and flexibility of responsive images without having to build the complex infrastructure required to support them. Similarly, it provides powerful image manipulation capabilities without the need to pre-render or create multiple versions of an image.

Simply configure where your images live, and access them at the domain we provide. Getting started is easy.

imgix office
imgix office
imgix office
imgix office
imgix office
imgix office

Executive Team

Founder & CEO - Chris Zacharias
Chris Zacharias

Founder & CEO

Chris began working in startups at age 16 to pay his way through school. After graduating from RIT with a degree in New Media, Chris joined Xerox as a software engineer. In 2007, Chris moved to the Bay Area to join YouTube as its second full-time web developer. Seeking the opportunity to build his own startup, he left YouTube in 2010 to start imgix out of his living room.

VP of Engineering - Cindy Chu
Cindy Chu

VP of Engineering

With over a decade of experience developing web products for consumers, Cindy currently leads the engineering team at imgix. Previously, Cindy led the web and mobile engineering teams at Polyvore, which was acquired in 2015. She has a degree in computer science from Stanford.

VP of Marketing - Cong Cao
Cong Cao

VP of Marketing

Cong leads all marketing efforts at imgix, after building and accelerating demand generation previously at SingleStore and Personal Capital. She is currently on the board and previously served as the 2nd VP of YWCA Golden Gate & Silicon Valley. Cong graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Economics.

VP of Sales - Tim Keane
Tim Keane

VP of Sales

A San Francisco native, Tim began his tech sales career at Yelp, where he was part of the team that opened their Arizona office. After running the sales development team at Mixpanel, Tim joined imgix to grow and run the sales team. He has a degree in business administration from the University of San Francisco.

Interested in
working with us?

At imgix, we are working to raise the intrinsic value of every image on the Internet. To accomplish this, we are building the world’s largest distributed image processing pipeline. The tools we are building will make images on the Internet more beautiful, more performant, more valuable, and safer.

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